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Seligson & Co Fund Management in brief

For more info, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone +358-9-68178200 (from 9 am to 5 pm, Finnish time).

Seligson & Co was founded in 1997 to produce transparent and cost-efficient investment services for long-term investors. We serve both private and institutional customers, mainly in Finland and Sweden. We are a majority employee and management owned independent asset manager. We focus on helping our customers meet their long-term investment objectives with time-tested, easy to understand investment services leading to superior long-term results – for our customers!

Please find the daily NAVs of our funds here.

Our most accessible product for investors outside Finland & Sweden is the OMX Helsinki 25 ETF.

The stock exchange ticker for the Fund is SLG OMXH25 and the Bloomberg code H25ETF FH. The holdings of the Fund are published daily as a creation unit.

Primary transactions (minimum 25,000 shares subscribed or redeemed) can be made via the Fund’s authorized participants.

For further information about the fund, please see the published stock exchange releases or contact our customer service.

KEY INVESTOR INFORMATION DOCUMENTS (other documents available by request, for now)

Index funds

Europe Index Fund

Asia Index Fund

North America Index Fund

Finland Index Fund

OMX Helsinki 25 Exchange Traded Fund

Other equity Funds

Global Top 25 Brands

Global Top 25 Pharmaceuticals

Emerging Markets


Family Business Fund

Tropico LatAm

Fixed Income Funds

Money Market Fund

Euro Bond Fund

Euro Corporate Bond Fund

Combination Funds


Please notice that Russian Prosperity Fund Euro is closed until further notice. During the closing the value of the fund will not be published and subscriptions and redemptions will not be confirmed. View further information on the status of the Russia Prosperity Fund Euro.

Key Information Documents of income units 

Past performance and performance scenarios 

For more info, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone +358-9-68178200 (from 9 am to 5 pm, Finnish time).